– Helpful Hints: What Preparations

You’ve decided to have a party. It may be for a birthday; it may be a Fourth of July party; it might even be a Welcome Home party. It doesn’t matter what the occasion but you will need to plan and make preparations for your party to be a success.

Your preparations should be thorough, (unless its a spur of the moment party!) and take into consideration the following:

1. How many people will be attending?

2. What are the ages of the guests? Will they be of mixed age or children or adults only? The age of your guests will determine the type of food and drink you serve and many other facets of the party.

3. What time will you hold the party? Will it be an afternoon barbecue or an evening cocktail party? Will you set a start and finish time?

4. What food and drink will you serve? Will it be a formal dinner or just snacks?

5. What type of dress will you want the guests to wear? Will there be a theme? Will it be formal or casual?

6. Will there be entertainment at your party? Will you need to organize music or arrange entertainment for children?

7. Will you need to rent tables and chairs or bring in catering staff or will you be able to prepare everything yourself?

8. Do you have a budget for the party? If so, make sure you stick to it.

9. Will you hire the services of an event planner for the party?

10. Will the party be at your home or will you hire a venue or go to the local park? Will you need to take the weather into consideration?

11. Does the type of party you want lend itself to decorations? If so, will you buy or make the decorations?

12. House preparations. Will you need to clean the house or have anything repaired before the party? If it is a pool party, consider if the pool is in good working order. If you want a dance party, will there be a space for people to dance or will you have to clear a room?

As you can see, there are plenty of things to think about when preparing for a party. If you want to do a good job, start by making lists and determining all the points above. This will help you focus on the type of party you want to throw. The most important thing to remember about parties is that people come to enjoy themselves and as the host you also want to have a good time too. If you are well prepared this can be achieved and you’ll have everything in order before the first guests arrive.