Kids Magic Birthday Party Show

Kids magic, magic birthdays, magical shows and family friendly entertainment is my specialty. My discounted shows range from $199.00 to more than $299.00 depending upon the day and what you might add-on.

Being recognized as Nickelodeons Entertainer of the Year was truly humbling, then they piled on… Channel 4 (CBS Denver) named me the Top family entertainer in Denver! These are two of the kindest awards in my 30 years as a childrens magician and entertainer. My selection of interactive and premium kids magic and family friendly magic include kids birthday parties, school shows, scout shows and corporate and company celebrations.

1. Full Length Kids Magic Show at your home or for your event is my most popular. Over 45 minutes of premium stunning childrens magic. Colorful scarfs appear from nowhere, a pretend wolf runs and can’t be found, an impossible game with giant crayons and the grand finale, where the birthday child can be sawed in half with the “Saw of Danger” or “floats” in the air. All this and much more! The birthday child is always the star of the show and helps the magician Chad Wonder with most of the tricks. Plenty of great “Kodak moments” Music, big magic props, huge stage backdrop and more. I keep the kids involved!

2. Condensed Half Hour Kids Magic Show in your home: Almost 30 minutes of great magic at an slightly lower price. Good if your on a time budget. Substantially similar to the Full Length Show but featuring about 75% of the magic. Of course the birthday child is always the star of the show and helps the magician with many of the magic tricks.

Chad Wonders Magic Stage Set up

3. Magic Show and clown Have the ultimate party. Ideal for those turning 4, 5, 6 and maybe 7. Gizmo the Clown entertains the kids with balloons before and after the show. Having an outdoor party? Check out this link to my cool summer offerings.

Prices? I don’t list them because every other magician in Denver will know the value of my show! Call me for a no pressure quote.

Need help deciding? Use my “which show is best” feature, just click here.

Want a coupon? is offering a great value.Chad Wonder Magic Set

If you have questions, talking to me may help you decide if providing great kids magic is an exciting idea or not. I promise if you call, I will never pressure you! I want you to be happy with your decision to hire a childrens magician and help you decide your best option.

Call for a free no pressure, no obligation quote (303) 909-6226

Note: Magic tricks performed in a show are subject to change without notice, if you want to insure something listed on this page is performed, please notify Chad.

Show and Options!

Below are some great “magic options” to consider:

    1. Gizmo the Clown. For $129.00 get 30 minutes of balloon animals and fun before and after my show (read more).
    2. Magic Lessons. $5.00 per child and I teach them all the tricks after the show! (Minimum 10 kids)
    3. $49.00 Appearing Magic Kit the birthday child gets to keep.
    4. You get one Free Illusion and you can add on one or more. 2 for $50.00 or all 3 for only $85.00 more.
    5. $49.00 to pick 2 of the below or $89.00 to have all three in one show!
    • Magic Appearing Kid. Open the show with your son or daughter appearing.
    • Dastardly Saw of Danger a ton of “scary fun” for the 1st graders and up, but not appropriate 4-5 year olds.
    • Floating kid or Impossible floating kid (floats, does not levitate)
    1. Mini Carnival. $79.00 or $119.00 add a fun carnival with the higher rate including free prizes from the magical treasure chest (read more).