Hot cars kill. Each year the news has one too many stories reminding us of this fact.

So many things affect our ability to remember everything, even our children. Stress, scheduling changes, sleep deprivation and more can be a dangerous combination. Most parents never make a fatal mistake and the ones that do, never thought it would happen to them.

Please visit and see the truly devastating statistics about heat stroke in children. Here are tips from a variety of sources, I can’t take credit for them but I do think they will save a precious life. Share with your family and friends. Obviously, this is only advice and you use it as your own risk.

#1. Put your phone in the backseat.
This not only keeps you from texting or talking while driving, but most folks are also attached to their phone. Set a “geo-fence” alarm on your phone to go off when you get to work. You can also set it to go off a couple of minute before you usually get to work.

#2. Put your purse or wallet in the backseat
Leave your purse or wallet in the backseat as a memory cue. Even if your schedule gets changes at the last minute you’ll look for your purse or wallet when getting out of the car.

#3. Ask your spouse or daycare call you if you’re late or don’t check in
Ask your spouse or daycare to call you on your cell phone and at your work number if you haven’t dropped your child off at the regular time or called or texted your spouse that your child is safe. Make sure they do their best to reach you and not leave a voicemail or assume you will check in later.

#4. Put the diaper bag in the front seat
This is great to do in tandem with anything in the backseat. By placing the diaper bag in the front seat, you have a visual cue when you’re getting out of the car that your child is in the back.

#5. Use a stuffed animal
When your child is not in their car seat, keep a stuffed animal in it. Then, any time you place your child in his/her seat, put the stuffed animal into the front passenger seat as a visual cue.

#6. Attach a string to your car seat that reaches to your front door. Tie the string to your door after you get in the car.

Please visit to help save the lives of children