As a 25 year fan of the Simpsons, I would love perform for Lisa on the Simpsons TV show. In fact, I think I would be perfect performing for Lisa considering her age. As smart as she is, she might figure out a few of the tricks but her class would love it I’m sure… Every elementary class loves my show? I was born in Elgin Illinois, Springfield is just a hope skip and a jump from my birthplace and in this day and age I travel everywhere! I do kids shows for Google and other huge TV and internet families! Maybe the Simpson family could celebrate with me at world-famous Casa Bonita in Lakewood Colorado.

If you think it would be awesome to see me hired by the Simpsons then like this post and post this link (ttp://  on so they know as well. I think Homer would love to hire a local magician with some Facebook love. Plus, since my Silver package is only $269.00 it’s a “no brainer.” And seeing as I’ll get a ton of publicity on TV for the hire, I’ll upgrade the Simpsons show to my Platinum package for free.


Chad Wonder pleading to be on the Fox TV show the Simpsons… Wouldn’t you agree he would be great for Lisa’s birthday (if it ever comes)