– Stage magic and illusions

Chad Wonder Magic Illusions

You’re here because you’re interested in big stage magic. You need a show that will fulfill your expectation. You need “The Illusionist,” a fast paced and dynamic show with big props, on a big stage and the magician doing improbable and impossible magic. If you have a family friendly event and want to make a huge impression with magic on your attendees, magic illusions are the way to go. Think awards dinner, banquets, large sales presentations, weddings, shareholders meetings and more

Businesses, schools, groups and societies of all sizes will love my stage illusion show with my lovely assistant Emma W. The magical illusions are sure to be a hit at your next event. From disappearances to impossible transpositions, magic illusions are always a crowd pleaser. All large stage shows are specifically designed to fit your time slot and carefully crafted to help deliver any message you might need expressed.  Prices start as low as $450.00 and end upwards of $2500.00 depending upon what it is you need.

Emma W. and I perform the classics, illusions like Zig Zag Girl, the Shadow Box, Metamorphosis, the Temple of Benares and even a surprise levitation at the end of the show. If you would like to see us performing these amazing illusions, please call for a DVD or a special ink to watch online.