Party Planning Timeline

This is pretty simple but it’s tremendously helpful to keep your organized. You would be surprised at the number of parents I talk with who have no idea what their budget is, what they are feeding the kids and if they are having a party at home or not.

  1. Determine & Complete Party Budget: •$_____________
    This will help you decide many of the following decisions.
  2. Determine Venue: •  Location: ___________________________
    Most folks hold the party in their home but often times there is a clubhouse or other location that suits you better.
  3. Determine & Secure Entertainment • Who/what: ____________________ How Much $____________
    I recommend Chad Wonder Magic but then again, I am not an impartial participant here.
  4. Secure Venue (permits, deposits etc) •  Where: _______________________ How Much $___________
  5. Secure catering. • Who: ________________________ How Much $_________
    Getting your food in order early is important. Don’t worry if you’re not catering (most parents don’t), we’ll plan food later on the list.
  6. Complete Guest List • ________
    Use a separate piece of paper and plan out who your son or daughter is going to invite. How many kids is often predicated on the venue and how many kids you want to manage.
  7. Create & Send Party Invitations • ________
    I offer free themed party invitations you print at home, all you need to do is ask 🙂
  8. Complete Food/Drink/Supply Checklist • How Much $ __________
    Use a separate piece of paper and plan out all your food if you are not catering.
  9. Order or Cater Food/Drink/Supplies • ________
    Time to run to the store. Don’t forget balloons and any fun decorations. I offer free themed magic decorations your print at home and include everything from water bottle labels to napkin rings and more.