My FREE party planning guide

Start planning your party early! A good party takes a while to plan, especially if you don’t want to be frantic in the days before the party. And if you want the best magician Denver has to offer, time is often of the essence.

If possible, begin planning your magic party 4-6 weeks in advance. This allows plenty of time for booking Chad Wonder, shopping, online ordering, cake orders, sending out invitations, and waiting on RSVPs.

The magic birthday party doesn’t need to be scheduled on your child’s actual birthday, most kids don’t mind celebrating a few days early or late. You might want to wait until the weekend, for example, to allow more kids to come.

TIP: Be sure to include the birthday child in the party-planning process! From helping to create the guest list, writing the invitations, planning the food, and choosing the games, allowing the birthday child to help plan makes it more special and personal.