Most people will want to have their birthday party on a weekend. There are pros and cons to both Saturday and Sunday. A Saturday party gives you Sunday to relax and recover. A Sunday party gives you Saturday to prepare! If you chose to have you party on a Sunday, you’re less likely to have conflicts with sports and other activities. However, some people reserve Sundays for church and family. But don’t worry, I’ve performed well over 1,000 shows in the past few years in every time conceivable time slot.

In general, avoid planning the party on a weekday. Friday afternoons can work, but Monday through Thursday is often not possible due to school and after-school activities. Of course, in the summer, any day of the week can work great for a birthday party, just remember many kids have both parents working.

TIP: Remember to check all of your calendars (school, church, sports, etc.) to make sure you’re not scheduling the party on a day when most people will be somewhere else.


Choosing a Date Checklist:

  • Pick a few dates that work well for you
  • Check your calendars (school, church, work, sports, etc.) to make sure you’re not scheduling on a day when most people will be somewhere else
  • If there are important guests coming (extended family, close friends, etc.) make sure the date works for their schedules.

 TIP: If you’re scheduling an entertainer, call them and check their availability as soon as possible. The best entertainers often fill their schedules (especially weekends) several weeks or even months in advance! The best entertainers have the ability to check availability online.