The Mile High Magicians Society is a Denver-based association of magical enthusiasts dedicated to enjoying, appreciating and advancing the art of magic.  Our interests are as diverse as the art of magic itself.  We are amateurs, hobbyists, professionals, performers, spectators, collectors, teachers and students.  We always consider ourselves students because magic is a constantly evolving art.

We love the boldness of a new illusion and we smile at the subtleties produced by manipulating a deck of cards.  We marvel at the years of practice required to demonstrate flawless sleight-of-hand techniques.  Watching a skilled magician perform overwhelms us with emotion.  We laugh, we rejoice, we applaud.  We are surprised, delighted, captivated and enthralled.  We see wonder through the eyes of a child — a childhood we’ve never left.

Our performing members share their magic in many ways: From entertaining family, friends and neighbors, to street performances, to children’s birthday parties, at restaurants and banquets, at corporate events and on the speaking platform.

We meet monthly (and frequently more often through lectures, events, etc.) and regularly arrange for first-rate performers from around the world to perform and lecture for our members.  We are a local chapter of both international magic organizations, the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and the Society of American Magicians (SAM).

If you appreciate the art of magic, share our sense of fun, excitement and wonder (and can keep a few secrets!), we would welcome you as a guest or as a new member of our organization. Each of us started in that very same way.