The Kids Magic of Chad Wonder

Kids Magic and family friendly entertainment are Chad’s specialties. Think birthdays, schools, scouts, fund-raising and anywhere they’ll be mom, dad and most importantly, kids. Can he perform magic for adult only events? Sure, Chad has 30 years of experience in almost all types of magic. Chad was recently voted by parents in Denver as Nickelodeons Party Entertainer of the Year and hand-picked by CBS Denver as their top family friendly entertainer. Chad high energy, fun and always silly comedy kids magic shows appeals to all audiences. You’ll enjoy his exceptional showmanship and his ability to entertain all audiences.

So what type of magic does Chad perform as a Magician?

Chad Wonber Magic

It’s called parlor magic which is a scaled down stage show all done within the confines of a small room (like a living room or community room). The magic props are all handheld, and depending upon the show, may include scarves, color changing balls, wooden rabbits, ropes and of course the “Floating kid” or the “Dastardly Saw of Danger.”

Chad’s Denver birthday magic show (as of October 2020):

The show begins with a hilarious introdcution to the rules followed by the kids making magic on thier own. AThe birthday kiddos comes on stage an dperforms an easy or hard trick which features tons of slap stick humor. Next the audience watch the birthday child rearrange objects without any means to do so. Chad transitions into some fun unexplained happenings and a pretend rabbit mysteriously avoids him. The birthday child or willing assistant floats in the air in or braves the Dastardly Saw of Danger. The birthday kiddo spends almost half the time on stage and becomes the magician. Total running time is just under 50 minutes.

My birthday magic shows are 100% guaranteed