I’ve been on a cleaning and organizing tear recently. Working hard to prepare it for sale at Magic in the Rockies. Magicians tend to collect magic. Partly because we see a great magic trick, buy it, then realize it’s not good for our show. With 30 years as a kids magician and also working restaurants, trade shows and amusement parks, I have a lot of magic tricks that I have collected.

As I dig through the boxes it’s bringing back so many memories I am almost reliving the days when I was learning magic. I am finding magic tricks I remember begging my parents for, tricks I was so excited to open on my birthday or Christmas. Vivid memories taking my back to when I was a kid.

It also makes me think that some of the thousands of children I perform for every year may become magic collectors themselves… they will become kids magicians, a trade show magician, maybe one day they will have a Las Vegas style super star stage magic show.