Probably one of the most important thinks in the tool kit for a magician is their magical wand. When you think of all occupations that people work at there are things that can easily identify them just by looking at the tools or props they use. For example, if you think of a mason you would think of brinks, if they are a construction worker then you would think of a hammer, a mechanic would have a tool box.

Does it mean that it actually performs magic? No, but, it does assist in providing the illusion that the magician has the power along with the words to make something happen on that moment that the wand strikes. It is also considered a part of their costume along with the cape and top hat. Any one just starting out in the field will normally have these items.

What is surprising is that there are many different kinds of wands, for example, wood, metal, and plastic. There are also many different styles that can be purchased. There is the normal black with white tips, or black with gold tips, or even colored wands depending on what show or in what capacity they are being used.

When a magician uses his wand it allows him to have the audience focus on his hands or the movement of the wand. This allows their hands to complete the trick or illusion that is being performed. There are times where the wand itself is the trick and the magician may use this to get a laugh from the audience. Some younger magicians feel it gives them the confidence needed to perform in front of a crowd.

As props the magicians standard wand is not expensive to purchase and there are several websites that offer them for sale. They can easily be purchased in a costume shop too. Of course, the more special you make the wand the more it will cost you, but, that is when you are getting into custom made items.

Every magician started out with a wand, if we asked them I am sure they, meaning Vitelli, Blaine or Copperfield, would tell you what their wand look like and what it was made of and what it was or is used for in their shows. I wonder what type Houdini used.

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