You want to increase sales and prop up the bottom line. I’m famous and award winning for my kids magic, but what adult isn’t just a big kid inside? I guarantee you’ll break sales records at your next trade show with me performing as Chad Wonder “Your Companies” Magician! Here’s why.

  • You want the boss to shake your hand and congratulate you on a job well done.
  • You want to attract larger trade show crowds.
  • You want to collect more leads to expand your business.
  • You want to deliver your message in a unique way.
  • You want clients to see you as family friendly.
  • You want your hospitality suite the talk of the event.

Chad works our trade shows on a regular basis and we see results from his efforts. He is great at keeping folks in the booth and drawing in those who might not have stopped in the first place. We love how he makes our guests laugh and enjoy time in our booth. Chad is a treasure at our shows.

Vikki Weeks

Owner, Gift Lines Inc

Trade Show Services

Proactive Magic Marketing

Chad starts by working the trade show event floor and in minutes approaches and amazes a group of prospects, he carefully qualify them and gives them a unique gift that leads them to your booth. He’ll even walk them to the booth and introduce them to your sales team on the spot.

Magical Crowd Building

Depending on the size of your trade show booth or auditorium, Chad will perform a number of magic presentations and fill with an educational message about your products or services. He’ll draw record crowds to your booth. Each magic presentation is exclusive to your organization and is designed to underscore and highlight your key message. Between performances, Chad works the floor raising awareness of the next performance and your booth presence.

Hospitality Suite Magic

Blending comedy and magic, Chad creates unforgettable entertainment that will turn your hospitality suite from regular to extraordinary. Chad will infuse his unique style into intimate strolling magic, or a full stage production, Chad’s personality is outgoing, funny, and personal. His skills and experience help you create a magical evening you’ll get high praise for.

You will spend thousands of dollars on your trade show, why not increase the return ten fold. By adding just a couple thousand more, you’ll increase your sales, leads, contacts and exposure measurably. Guaranteed.