Is a birthday magic show right for your child? What magic show does Chad Wonder perform for my child?

Your kids Birthday magic show will be a special time and create lifelong memories. You’ll be happy to know that Chad Wonders birthday magic show is designed for the grade of your child… why grade and not age? In a nutshell, the difference in maturity between an 8-year old second grader and an 8-year old third grader is measurable due to their social development. Of course every kid is different and Chad ensures he gets a feel for the kids in the first few minutes (you’ll see how he does it) and adjust the show accordingly. Since folks ask, here are some of the subtle differences in the magic show Chad Wonder presents.

birthday magic show superfan Lucas is cracking up


4 & 5
  • The kids magic show Chad performs for this crowd is fun and lively; the magic show is very interactive and Chad performs everything in his signature hilarious fashion! The birthday child becomes the star magician and helps-out with many of the magic tricks and even picks his or her own assistants. Preschoolers love twisted balloons so consider an upgraded package.