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Chad Wonder has performed for years at the Lakewood Country Club. His show is delightful and the members always have a great time. He is easy to work with, provides great customer service and insures our events are the best. 100% recommended.



Lakewood Country Club

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Kids love the holiday season and look forward to a visit from Santa. The members of [as what=”Company”] deserve the best entertainment this Christmas and Chad Wonder delivers unparalleled quality. You already know hiring the best is what your members expect and when the parents line up after the show to thank you for such a thoughtful Christmas program, you’ll be happy you hired Chad.

Chad Wonder is…

  • 100% Hilarious
  • 100% Engaging
  • 100% Audience Participation
  • 100% Guaranteed

The show begins with a number of fun and interactive holiday tricks, all building up to the grand finale, Santa. During the show a number of member children will become stars, performing amazing magic with master magician Chad Wonder. As we approach the climax of the show, one lucky child will float in the air while another discovers that Santa is stuck in a terrible polar storm and can’t make tonight. Oh no! But Chad Wonder has an idea, we can help Santa make it to the evening with magic. Using the power of all the Children’s wishes Santa then magically appears!

Not a just a holiday magic show, a hilarious show that celebrates the Christmas season!

As a event planner, you want the credibility names like Nickelodeon, CBS and more bring to Chad Wonder, Denver’s only award winning magician.